embarking on a quest for healthy goodness


Let me start by saying this: I love cake.  And ice cream.  A lot.

Apart from the effect on my waistline there is nothing I don’t like about them.

Ben and Jerry are two of my favourite men in the world – I reckon they deserve a medal: not only do they provide a stellar (and very much appreciated) service to comfort eaters everywhere,  but the brand has awesome morals and pretty darn good ethics to boot!

HOWEVER, as much as I could wax lyrical about the fact that I enjoy food (and I really, REALLY do), I think it’s time for a little health overhaul.  Which, unfortunately, means that I will be seeing a lot less my two favourite men above (sorry guys).

I love veggies and eat pretty well with the exception of a few calorie fueled desserts.  I dance regularly (classes; not the weekend type brought on by a few beverages) and manage a few runs a week when the sunshine makes an appearance –  but apparently my body doesn’t think that’s good enough to protect my arms from the horror of the dreaded bingo wings or to keep my waistline in check.

Saying that, and although I’m certainly no fitness poster girl, I am also aware that I’m not obese. This fact does become slightly difficult to remember, though,  when the friends you are blessed to be surrounded by are not only gorgeous on the inside but pretty darn beautiful on the outside too.

Due to the wonderful creation of Facebook,  self esteem can be assaulted just by logging on – and photographic evidence of every second of your life has the wonderful potential to be scattered across the Internet in pictorial splendour for ever more, often plunging even the most confident socialites into a bout of serious detagging. (And thank GOODNESS for the untag button – whoever came up with that deserves a medal too.  I’ll add them to my hypothetical list.)

Back to the topic.  I don’t just want to go on some fad diet and lose the will to live after surviving on lettuce leaves for three weeks; I want to find an attainable, sustainable lifestyle that makes me feel as good on the inside as i’ll (hopefully) look on the outside.  And seeing as willpower is not one of my strengths, I’m going to have to find some creative ways to keep myself motivated…

…which leads me to the reason I’m now making it official and blogging about my quest for better health; I need to keep myself accountable.  If I can manage to kid myself that people might read this I’ll probably end up staying a lot longer on the bandwagon and be less likely to become best buddies with those wonderful ice cream creators (I’m beginning to miss them already).

Wish me luck!

big love

gollygoshgirl xx

p.s. I’ve also set myself a little natural beauty project – click here to take a little peek and find out more 🙂


18 thoughts on “embarking on a quest for healthy goodness

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  9. Excellent endeavor and I am so grateful you aren’t trying every fad diet under the sun! You’re so smart! (And I’m also glad you found my practical blog on becoming healthy! I hope you’ll feel comfortable to comment – if I can assist you please simply ask! I’ll do all I can to encourage you)

    Being accountable and finding support partners is one of the best things you can do. (See my post about the Redwood Forest) Any food is fine in moderation and if you eat for nutrients, you’ll naturally become healthier and successful. My best to you, I’ll be following along because care, 🙂 Blessings,

    • thanks Ellie and thank you for taking the time to read my blog – I appreciate it 🙂 your posts are great – I haven’t had a chance to read much in detail yet but will definitely be sitting down to do so over the next couple of days. any advice would be very welcome and I will certainly be commenting soon xx

  10. I did the exact same thing on my old blog and forgot to transfer it over to my new one. when I do, check up on me 🙂 I’ll check up on you!
    yummy food isn’t easy to give up! good luck! 🙂

  11. well you have one reader! i shall be checking up on you! really i should be joining you on this quest for healthy goodness! xx

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