one week down…and i’m still on the wagon!

Well, after just one week I am pleased to announce that I have noticeably slimmed down.  My wrists and the bridge of my nose have definitely reduced in size.  Resulting, rather attractively, in my watch (already a children’s one) needing to be one notch tighter and my glasses falling down my nose.  Brilliant.

On a serious note, I have actually lost a few centimetres here and there and a kilo or two.  Which is pretty encouraging.  What is even better, though, is that I haven’t lived in a permanent state of hunger (or any state of hunger at all)  and yet have only eaten healthy stuff all week.  And I haven’t even craved chocolate or ice cream… you could say I’m feeling the love for all this yummy healthy goodness!

Before we get down to business and I attempt to give a slightly more balanced review of the past seven days than what is written above I think a few photos are in order;


As you can see I haven’t exactly suffered (and thank the Lord for that or I wouldn’t still be sticking around for week 2)!

Now as I said in my last post on this subject; I’m not interested in fad diets or quick results that will be easily reversed the minute I catch a whiff of anything that I might actually enjoy eating – I want to give myself a little health overhaul and create a lifestyle that is better for my physical health as well as my figure.  I reckon life is too short to be miserable, and seeing as I love food: I refuse (OK, more like am completely unable) to feel starving for the rest of my time on earth.  Also, seeing as I spend a vast amount of time driving to and from work halfway around the M25 each day, I need to be able to eat breakfast in the car if morning traffic is rubbish and have snacks readily available for the way home.  Add to that the fact that I have very little time to prepare evening meals due to dance and other commitments and you can see how tricky I am to accommodate!

Luckily, I am blessed with some lovely friends, one of whom knows a highly regarded personal trainer who has already helped her parents become distinctively healthier.  I decided to follow the food plan that he gives because not only is it sensible and based on healthy nourishment for the body but I have also seen the results first hand.  It starts with a basic list of foods (that you can eat as much as you like of) and every 7 days for 6 weeks more are added.  Cheat meals and cheat days are also incorporated which allow for indulgence (which is obviously a BIG win in my book – Ben, Jerry and I still have a chance).

Although I know a healthy body is created in the kitchen, I am also very aware that exercise is also important.  I take dance classes and also use the Davina Fitness app to help me work out at home.  I use the Run 10k app when I go for runs (I’ve never actually done 10k but its a great app because it builds you up from literally nothing to being able to run for ages – and if it works for me it can work for anyone!).

A few things that feel noteworthy ( I in no way claim to be any expert or professional in this arena!):

  • Social media can be a great way to find motivation, tips, recipes and encouragement – think Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to name but a few.  Just a small warning; it can also be a hub of unhealthy advice so choose your sources wisely!  A few that I really rate are ,  and                                            
  • Fitness doesn’t have to cost anything.  As I said, I downloaded apps onto my phone to help with workouts and running as I can’t afford the gym.  There are also YouTube tutorials which are pretty good!  Other low cost and sociable ways to keep active could include workout DVDs, sport in the park with friends (not exactly an inspiring concept given the weather at present but we can live in hope), walking, sightseeing, finding an open air swimming pool, trying a dance class, wakeboarding or waterskiing, skateboarding, cycling, ice skating, indo boarding, fruit picking to name a few.
  • Recognise your achievements – even if they’re only little at the beginning – and don’t reward yourself with anything food related! Seeing as I lasted a whole week without succumbing to the lure of the biscuit tin I got myself a gorgeous new nail varnish and spent a couple of hours doing my nails while watching one of my favourite films.  At the end of week 2 I’m going to get myself some hair products.  If I’m still on track at the end of 6 weeks I have my eye on some gorgeous pink Adidas joggers designed by Jeremy Scott.  Another idea I’ve heard is putting £1 in a jar every time you work out and after 100 workouts using the money to really treat yourself.   I have to admit that I have seriously thought about buying a 1kg bag of sugar each time I lose a kilo so I can visually see the amount I’m losing!
  • Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Meal preparation is essential.  As is researching menus in advance of any restaurants you visit.  Planning how to handle social situations relating to food or alcohol and how/when you tell friends and family about your changed lifestyle really helps too!

big love,

gollygoshgirl xx


2 thoughts on “one week down…and i’m still on the wagon!

  1. When I started losing weight, I read on the Weightwatchers forums (which is where I started) that this lady, can’t remember her name, would fill a big bag of rice with the amount of weight she had lost each week. Since rice is super cheap as wholesale, might be better for your wallet than doing it with sugar? Congrats on the progress!

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