Why I don’t like quiche

I really don’t like quiche. It just doesn’t do it for me. Now don’t get me wrong; I have no desire to advocate a mass boycott – that would be pretty extreme – but I do feel the need to climb up on my proverbial soapbox and explain my reaction to this rather unassuming dish.

The way I see it is this; quiche tries to appeal to everyone by being a bit of everything. Think temperature (lukewarm), texture (is it meant to be solid or liquid in the middle? the jury is still out) and taste (not exactly short-listed as anyone’s favourite food yet not offensive enough to be disliked either ).

And this represents to me a much bigger problem. This problem concerns you (possibly), me (definitely) and anyone else who in certain situations ends up trying to please everyone. The problem being that quite often the result is precisely the opposite – especially in relation to what we really want from life. Not everyone is going to see the world from your point of view – in fact; you’re the only one who can! And – just like quiche – we are in danger of becoming a bit ‘lukewarm’ and undefinable if we attempt to conform to what we perceive society want us be rather than exploring and creating our own path through life.

We shouldn’t put our passions and heart’s desires on the back burner because of what other people may think – it stops us reaching for the stars and realising what we are truly capable of. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be sensible (we all need to be able to eat and have access to somewhere to sleep, as well as honour those people we may have committed our lives to such as our children or partners) but I am saying that if we want to truly experience something, quite often the only way to do that is to go all out.

Obviously that often requires confidence, risk taking and perseverance. We can be hindered in all kinds of ways – finance, setbacks, opinions of others, lack of time, logistics, past failures to name but a few. However, to borrow a rather good quote from an unknown original source (so please don’t sue me if it was you) “If it matters you’ll find a way; if not, you’ll find an excuse”. Two examples that inspire me are the film Pursuit of Happyness (well; the true story behind it) and the lives of team Hoyt (check the video below for a little bit of love to make your heart smile).  Not everything can happen the minute you decide you want it, but you can try to do something everyday that will help you in achieving that goal; and each little step (however tiny) could well build not only towards your goal but your sense of purpose and self belief. Slow progress is better than no progress at all and to coin yet another phrase; you only fail when you stop trying.

Sometimes I need to simply remind myself of this; to really get the most out of life it’s quite often better to jump right in rather than dip a metaphorical toe in the water. So many people only experience half of their potential because they spend too much time holding back or half-heartedly giving it a go. Worse than that, if you’re only giving a bit then the likelihood is that you’ll only achieve a small proportion of the result you wanted or attain a smaller percentage of the goal you were aiming for.

I’m not saying its easy or that you wont suffer setbacks but my challenge to you is this; surely you’d rather know what could happen if you really tried than spend the rest of your life wondering?


4 thoughts on “Why I don’t like quiche

  1. Oh dear. I love quiche. What does that say about me?! :-/

    Seriously, though, thank you for writing this post. I am liking being part of the small crowd around your soapbox 🙂

    • haha I reckon it says that you’re more open minded than I am about egg-based foods 🙂
      I very much appreciate you letting me have my soapbox moment and thank you for all of your feedback – it’s lovely to hear your take on things! 🙂

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