beauty; naturally! (a little challenge)


So after deciding that it was time for a little health overhaul I realised that I had started paying pretty close attention to making sure I’m filling my body with goodness.  Obviously a big step forward on the journey, right?

But then I had a little think and came to the conclusion that healthy goodness does not simply involve what I eat (or don’t) and how much I exercise – oh no; it’s not just what I put into my body that counts – I put a lot of stuff onto it too!

If consuming fewer unprocessed foods, chemicals and additives has had a positive impact on my body from the inside; then I’m willing to bet that if I treat the outside in the same way I might well get similar results! With the added bonus that it will not only benefit me (hopefully) but the environment too (definitely)!  PLUS it will work out way cheaper than the products I currently buy! Win!

Now there’s a website I stumbled across by a pretty cool organisation called the Environmental Working Group (you can find it right here).  They rate products based on their toxity and give them a rating out of ten as to how hazardous they are.  It’s really easy to use and simple to understand (phew)!  I may have got a little bit carried away and put almost every product I’ve ever used in there….be warned that some results are a bit of a reality check – lets just say it has encouraged me that trying natural beauty is the way to go!

And by natural beauty I in no way mean that I am planning on turning into a tree-hugging hippy with dreadlocks and a wardrobe full of tie-dye and rainbow coloured woven jackets.  Not yet anyway!

I’m simply going to seek out some ways of tweaking and adapting my skin, hair and beauty regimes so that I only use natural ingredients and products.  I’ll be posting the results so you can see how it all goes down – it’s gotta be worth a try for the sake of my pocket, my health and the planet!

Wish me luck………!

gollygoshgirl xx

A little footnote (added 20.05.2013) ;  if you fancy seeing how I’m getting on take a peek at these – I’ll update below as I go along! 🙂

natural, organic skincare,  the no ‘poo methodhomemade dry shampoo,  natural leg scrubno-heat curls and plenty more to come!


36 thoughts on “beauty; naturally! (a little challenge)

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  3. I am all for natural and organic skin care too. I had to start making my own products because everything from the stores was making me break out, even the so called organic ones. And now I’m glad because my skin has never looked better, plus it’s cheaper and way fresher!

    • I completely agree! what do you do about make up and sunscreen? I’m currently trying homemade sunscreen and organic shop-bought make up…so far so good! 🙂

      • For makeup, I use alima or lily lolo mineral makeup. I also found that when I started to eat better and take care of my skin, I don’t use foundation as much because I just don’t need to. I still use drug store mascara though, however I figure that it stays put on on my eyelashes and isn’t directly on my skin. But as you use more oils, I think you’ll find that your eye lashes thicken and get longer and you feel quite pretty without any makeup on. I’ve bought powdered zinc for homemade sunscreen, but haven’t made it yet. I also have read that your diet and certain foods can help protect you from harmful sun rays from the inside out. They did a study where people ate a tablespoon of tomato paste a day and the lycopene in cooked tomatoes prevented their skin from absorbing the bad uva/uvb rays. There’s a lot of information online about this. I might make a post about it at some point, I have so many more thoughts on the subject but this is turning into a really long comment as it is! 😛

      • I haven’t heard of alima – I’ll look it up! Lily Lolo makes my skin so bad! At the moment I’m trying Liz Earle, who I just discovered and after looking it all up on the EWG website seemed like it was the lowest reaction risk. As I’m naturally blonde If I don’t use mascara I look like I have no eyelashes so I’m using Physicians Formula organic mascara at the moment which seems ok! Oooh the stuff about protecting your body from the inside out sounds so interesting – if you do write a post on it I’ll be a very enthusiastic reader of it! Thanks as always for your feedback 😀

      • You’re very welcome, thanks for your interest! I think Lily Lolo might have changed their formula, because I used it like 4 years ago and liked it then, but switched to alima because it started to dry my skin out, plus the coverage wasn’t as good. I’ve also heard good things about Lucy Minerals or Meow Cosmetics. I might try that Physicians Formula mascara if it works well. I like the EWG website too. I’ll let you know if I do a post about foods to eat for sun protection, it’s a really neat subject. I really like making things and would love to try some diy cosmetics at some point. Ancient Egyptians used to burn almonds and mix the resulting ashes with a tiny bit of oil and apply it with a brush for eyeliner. My friend and I tried it, and it was really fun and worked pretty well but you couldn’t really use it near your waterline and it was weird to use… we ended up making ourselves look like goths by accident haha

      • haha sounds like something that would happen to me too! Definitely let me know if you write a post – I’m so interested in it all! I’ll look up those cosmetic brands – thank you! 🙂

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  5. Thank you for liking my blog post Affirmation, Gratitude and Wild Food! Gratitude Dance! I too care what goes on my body and I am now a no poo lady! I now wash my hair with baking soda paste followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse that makes my hair squeaky clean and super soft. I scrub my head with the paste of soda and then while the soda is still on my head I pour a diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar on my hair and my hair is clean! I use Rose hip oil on my face and burns and I use coconut oil and shea butter for the rest of me. I also brush my teeth with coconut oil mixed with salt or baking soda. I love being beautiful and feeding my skin with healthy oils! Thank you for sharing the love! :~) You Rock!

    • thanks for stopping by and commenting – it’s lovely to get feedback 🙂 I haven’t used rose hip oil on my face before but will look into it – at the moment I’m using diluted ACV as a cleanser and argan oil as a moisturiser and doing the oil cleansing method every few days. Once a week I’m putting on an ACV, honey and lemon juice face masque for 20 minutes and it makes my face super soft! My next challenge is switching toothpaste so its good to hear it works for you! Thanks again for sharing 🙂 x

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  7. Thanks for checking out Anarchy Road! Looking forward to reading your posts about chemical free beauty products – I tried to get some tinted moisturiser without any chemicals or heavy metals and really struggled to find anything remotely resembling what I wanted.

    • It’s pretty tricky isn’t it? I’m really struggling to find affordable stuff in the UK. Turns out most of the ‘mineral’ brands here aren’t exactly what they suggest. The two brands I’ve found here are Aubrey Organics and Liz Earle. They’re the best rated ones after checking the EWG website I could find here that I can afford. They aren’t listed on the website (as I’m not sure they’re sold in America) but you can create a product report for any product which takes about a minute and gives you a rating. If you find anything that works for you and doesn’t break the bank I’d love to hear about it! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by – I always appreciate feedback! How did you and your family find it? Has anything in particular been helpful or unhelpful? If you have any advice or tips it would be great to hear them 🙂

      • GO with your gut! If you think that you would be better off after some changes in your life. Just do it! If you would like to figure out how we found out about our allergies please visit my blog

      • I would like to visit your blog but I have no idea how – If I click on your username or picture it just takes me to your gravatar profile with no link to a blog! If you have any idea what I’m doing wrong please let me know 🙂

      • Sorry for goofing off. My blog is Lumena’s House. enter it in your search engine and look for the posts on the right column. Sorry, I did not get to finish my profile.

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  9. Great insight lovely. Argh, it’s such a hard thing to do… so many beauty products have hidden nasties in them! I’ve recently started loving a brand called ‘Tinderbox’. Not sure if it’s sold where you are? Usually in health food stores or other organic stores. Such gorgeous essential oils and natural ingredients! I haven’t been brave enough to try my own home remedies yet. Other than coconut oil on split ends… works like a charm (even though I end up smelling like curry) xx

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂 Tell me about it – once you start looking at all the nasty little extra’s you’re putting onto your body it feels like the list never ends! I started with my hair; ditching shampoo and conditioner and using bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar instead (post coming up on that soon), made my own dry shampoo, stopped using heat on my hair and deep condition my hair once a week with a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar (post on that soon too) – I found coconut oil REALLY didn’t work on my hair as it made it look wet and greasy until I washed it out with bicarbonate of soda paste, which completely counteracts the point of it! I LOVE coconut oil as a body moisturiser (but it clogs the pores on my face so I use argan oil for that now). The areas I really need to look into are make up and sunscreen – I have a few recipes for the sunscreen but am waiting till payday to try them out! Thanks for the tip about Tinderbox – i’ll definitely look into it! I’m in the UK and there aren’t exactly loads of whole food stores (if any) or health food shops! I’ve found Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake Out mascarra on amazon so will be ordering that on payday and have been recommended Liz Earle make up which I can buy online or if I trek to central London. Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

      • Oh, thanks for the hair care tips! I’ve been looking for a way to deep condition naturally. Apple cider vinegar and honey sounds delicious (haha) and really gentle on the hair. Hm, not sure that Tinderbox is sold in the UK. I’ve never heard of Liz Earle but I’ll look out for that brand also. If you can get Aesop products in the the UK they’re great also. They’re mostly plant based, with a few other sulphite and paraben-free ingredients. They’re made in Melbourne, Australia but I do think they import. They’re pretty pricey though. Sad face. Why is it so expensive to live naturally and with better products?! Hm. I guess I can answer that myself. Another sad face.

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  12. I decided the exact same thing as you not long ago, and I am now 100% chemical free! I simply use water on my face followed by olive oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer. I have found a chemical free soap, and my most loved new product is my natural organic shampoo. Good luck with your change over, I’m sure you will feel amazing!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s so helpful hearing from people who have done it and can give advice! I’m finding it quite tricky to find suppliers in the UK or ones who will deliver to England that don’t cost me half my wages so have been making my own stuff. I found that coconut oil is an awesome moisturiser for my body but clogs the pores on my face so I use argan oil for that!

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