no-heat curls


As part of my quest for healthy goodness I not only set myself a nutrition related goal but also a little self-imposed natural beauty challenge.

Over the past month I have stopped using chemicals and other nasty things on my hair and in my skincare routine.  One such ‘nasty thing’ being subjecting my tresses to pretty elevated temperatures in an effort to coax them into different styles.

Now; in once sense I am pretty lucky – my hair naturally dries pretty much poker straight. Which I am very appreciative of.  Honest! However a drawback of this is that should I wish to add any volume or attempt to create a different style; its impossible to achieve without heat (hairdryer, straighteners…you get the gist).  And even then my hair will return to its natural state within hours.

Until now.  May I present to you (drumroll please); no-heat curls!

Simply purchase some foam-covered wire rollers (pictured below) and wrap n roll your wet hair around them!  I got 8 for £1 from Primark and 12 for 99p from the 99p Store so obviously they are pretty inexpensive – bargain!  I like to have a quiff and also have shorter layers of hair around my face so use a medium conventional roller for the middle of my parting (as you can see in the photo).  The less hair you use on each foam roller, the tighter the curls will be.  Also, if you twist your hair before you wrap it around the roller you get a more beachy/wavy outcome.  I wash my hair and sleep in the rollers or leave them in for a few hours so you do need to plan this look a little in advance!  The best part is that the curls actually stay in for a few days (although admittedly they become more waves than curls).

The photos above are of my hair naturally and then the day after using the foam rollers.

Below are photos of the rollers as I use them and my hair 2 days afterwards.




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