Wonderful Team Member Award – thank you very much :)

Thank you very much to the lovely Ellie who nominated gollygoshgirl for a ‘Wonderful Team Member’ award – it put a smile on my face and added a little extra sunshine to my day 🙂

Wonderful team member award

…and seeing as it is much better to give than to receive its my turn to make a few nominations!  Celebrating bloggers you think are pretty darn great and discovering new ones through other’s nominations?  Yes please!  Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of encouragement?

The Rules:

1. Nominate 14 people for the award in a post over 7 days!

That’s it!  Simples!

Below are 14 bloggers who’s posts are definitely worth a little cheeky peek at – go on…you know you want to!

  1. Alex Raye is ALL about natural health – especially chemical-less beauty.  Pretty inspiring stuff and always well backed up with research!
  2. Fit Men Cook is brilliant.  Scrummy healthy nutritious recipes and good sound advice to any questions asked.
  3. Jack Monroe or ‘A Girl Called Jack’ blogs about life on a very tight budget and has some awesome recipes for under 50p.  She is also pretty good at raising awareness of those living below the poverty line and challenging individuals and politicians to actually do something to change it!
  4. Kristen writes about a variety of topics, although the title of her blog ‘The Road To Domestication’ pretty much sums up a lot of her great posts – wish I was as motivated and organised!
  5. OccuPIE‘s author Sarah and her boyfriend Chris are travelling America to bake pies and give them away free! I LOVE this idea – who doesn’t want free pie with a side of kindness?!?
  6. Danielle‘s blog is where you’ll find lots of information about all things nutrition
  7. Ian Welch started a plant based diet after a health scare
  8. Maggie is a culinary genius – her recipes are SO yummy!
  9. Josh  is travelling the world for a year and blogging along the way (jealous much?!)
  10. Kyla reviews box subscriptions – if you want honest opinions she’s your girl!
  11. Sunshine Southern has started the move over to all things natural and organic
  12. Andrea blogs about achieving a healthy lifestyle
  13. Kailah posts natural home made organic recipes for nutritious meals and chemical-free beauty products
  14. Tiffany is great at baking and crafty stuff and posts it all on her blog – yum!

There are many, many more wonderful bloggers out there and unfortunately I can’t mention you all BUT I want to thank those who I follow for helping me out with inspiration and information and to those who follow me, comment on my posts or give me feedback; thank you, I appreciate it and please keep doing so!

big love




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