homemade, all-natural and organic haircare; the No ‘Poo method

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Since embarking on my quest for healthy goodness I set myself a little challenge to revamp my skin and haircare routines and do beauty naturally.

Leading me onto my next point; I have a confession.  I haven’t ‘pooed in over a month.

I’m talking SHAMPOOED.  I haven’t SHAMPOOED in over a month.  (Fear not; I solemnly promise that I will never share my bowel movements with the whole of cyberspace.)

Anyway; what I was trying to say is that since mid-April I have not put any chemicals in my hair.  That’s not to say I haven’t cleaned my hair; just that I have used homemade natural, organic goodness rather than the toxic substances I was using before.  Think that’s a pretty extreme statement?  Check out the toxic levels in any of the haircare, skincare or cosmetic products you use right here and make up your own mind.  The website I’ve just directed you to is the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetics database and they rate ingredients and products in relation to the hazard to your health or the environment.  They also detail what the hazards are.  Pretty nifty ey?

Other good reasons to go no ‘poo;

  • More body
  • Easier to style hair
  • Less oily hair
  • Less frizz and fly-aways (great for curly haired ladies)
  • Added shine
  • Quicker growth
  • Stronger hair
  • Safe for dyed hair
  • Great for grey hair (commercial shampoos can cause grey hair to yellow – boo!)
  • Fewer hair washings, as your scalp will no longer be over producing oils
  • No chemicals on your hair, scalp or washing down the drain (Win!)
  • More money in your pocket – baking soda and apple cider vinegar are crazy cheap compared to commercial products (Massive win!)

Below are the ‘recipes’ I use for my hair and a little bit about how I’ve found the transition to ‘no poo’.  The reason I’ve left it a month before I posted about this is that I wanted to see for myself if it would actually work for me and be able to give you a balanced honest review of what happened – hopefully you’ll find it helpful!  There are so many variations on how people transition that if you fancy giving the whole ‘no poo’ thing a go I recommend doing some research and finding people with similar hair to yours and starting with what works for them.  Alex Raye’s blog has lots of info on natural haircare and for a detailed explanation of the transition to the no poo method I found Leah’s explanation really helpful. There are also many, many other bloggers and pinterest-ers who offer their own experiences and advice and are worth checking out!

So without further ado may I present to you….(drumroll please)…

Homemade, all-natural and organic haircare; the No ‘Poo method

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Before you start you need to clarify your hair.  Most commercial products have silicons in them, which will remain stuck to your hair unless you clarify.  If you don’t, you’ll end up in the pretty gross situation I got myself into where your hair literally looks wet even hours after you wash it.  Yuk!  My only regret in the whole process has been that I didn’t realise I should have clarified before I started and carried on for a week before I discovered this vital step!  I used a paste of Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with a little water and covered my hair in it, left it for 20 minutes then washed it out.  Easy peasy!

Every other day I washed my hair with a ‘shampoo’ alternative of 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda mixed with 1 cup of water.  The ‘conditioner’ I used was 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with the mother left in (don’t worry it’s nothing weird – Google it and check!) with 1 cup of water.  How cheap and cheerful is that!?! First off don’t expect it to have the consistency of commercial products.  It literally feels like you are putting water into your hair.  Also, invest in a couple of squeezy condiment plastic bottles with narrow tips – makes such a difference in being able to reach all of your hair – especially close to the scalp!

I have long blonde, fine hair that is naturally straight.  I only washed my hair once a week (and dry shampooed it once between washes) before transitioning to no ‘poo so I don’t know if that helped my hair to adjust well, if I was just lucky or if I has just totally overestimated how horrible my hair would get!  Apart from the first week (where I hadn’t clarified my hair), I had a couple of days where my hair looked a bit greasy but nothing too dramatic.  I used the homemade dry shampoo once during the whole transition (it’s best to avoid using it during this period) and wore my hair up or curly using the no heat curls method on the few days I felt it looked a little greasy, which worked pretty well!  I now wash my hair two or three times every fortnight using the bicarbonate of soda mixture in the roots of my hair and ACV mixture in the tips and don’t have any problems!

As for hair masques, once a week it is recommended you use a natural hair masque on your hair.  There are SO many recipes out there that, as I said before, it’s best to find out what works for your hair so get researching!  The first one I tried was a disaster.  I used coconut oil and I think it is just too heavy for my fine hair.  My hair went back  to the wonderful wet look stage I told you about before I clarified my hair – big fail!  I know coconut oil works for a lot of people but apparently not me!  I had to ‘clarify’  my hair again right after to get rid of the residue gunk!  What has worked is using equal parts ACV and raw organic honey on the tips of my hair (NOT the roots – that makes my hair look greasy).  After leaving it in for 20 minutes, I wash my hair as usual with the bicarbonate of soda and ACV mixtures.  Simple!

The only other thing I do to my hair is use a boar bristle brush (it helps distribute the hair’s natural oils evenly) and a wide toothed comb after washing or when I need to tame it into some sort of style!

I’d love to hear your feedback on the no ‘poo method or what’s worked for you – please feel free to get in contact! 🙂

big love

gollygoshgirl xx


6 thoughts on “homemade, all-natural and organic haircare; the No ‘Poo method

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  2. I did the baking soda thing for a while… in the beginning, like for a month or so, it worked well and my hair had some much body – it was fantastic. But after a while it just wasn’t working for me anymore. My hair felt greasy, like there was build up…. Occasionally I have a shampoo break and use the soda or if I especially want my hair to have a lot of volume.

    I did enjoy having one less smelly product in my life 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post – it’s lovely to get feedback 🙂 Ooh I shall keep an eye out – as I wrote I’m just over a month into the whole no ‘poo thing and so far haven’t had anything like that but I’m interested to see what happens over the next few weeks! 🙂

  3. I had the coconut oil disaster also when going no poo. I had success with it in the past and thought nothing of trying it again, but after shampooing my hair 4 times to get the mess out i read that when going no poo to avoid coconut oil and olive oil as they are harder to get out of the hair unless you plan on washing with a sulfate laden shampoo. Shame i didn’t have that info handy before slapping it on my head haha!

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