homebaked classic Victoria sponge cake

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake With Fresh Cream And Strawberries

When I think classic British tea-time cake Victoria sponge springs to mind.  This recipe has never let me down and the lemon in it flippin’ works!  I follow Jamie Oliver’s original recipe (copied out below) and for once don’t make any adjustments – as you can see by the pictures it comes out pretty good!  If you’d like to see my little twist on this yummy traditional sponge give this post a little peek 🙂

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  • 225g Unsalted butter (plus a little bit extra for greasing)
  • 225g Self-raising flour (plus extra for dusting)
  • 225g Caster sugar (plus 1 tbspn for the filling)
  • 4 Large eggs
  • 1 Lemon
  • 250g Fresh strawberries
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 150g Good quality strawberry jam
  • 150ml Double cream
  • Icing sugar, for dusting


  1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas 4
  2. Grease the bottom and sides of two 20cm sandwich cake tins with butter.  Line the base of each tin with greaseproof paper then dust the sides lightly with flour
  3. Beat the butter and sugar together until very light and fluffy
  4. Add the eggs one at a time, beating each one in well before you add the next
  5. Sift in the flour
  6. Finely grate over the lemon zest then fold it into the mixture (halve the lemon and save it for later)
  7. Divide the cake mix into the prepared tins then bake in the hot oven for around 20 minutes, or until lightly golden brown and risen. (You can check to see if the cake is cooked by sticking a cocktail stick or skewer right into the middle of the sponge;  remove it after 5 seconds and if it comes out clean the cake’s cooked; if slightly sticky it needs a bit longer, so put it back into the oven)
  8. Allow the cakes to cool slightly in the tins, then carefully turn them out on to a rack to cool completely
  9. Hull and slice your strawberries
  10. Gently warm the jam in a pan over a low heat then remove from the heat and stir in your sliced strawberries.
  11. Add the cream to a bowl with the sugar and vanilla extract, then squeeze in the juice from your zested lemon
  12. Whip the mixture until you have nice soft peaks
  13. Place the least attractive sponge cake on a  plate, smear over the jam and strawberries, then spread the sweetened cream over the top
  14. Place the second cake (with the best side facing up) on top and dust it with icing sugar


big love



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15 thoughts on “homebaked classic Victoria sponge cake

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  5. Yum! It’s been so long since I’ve eaten Victoria Sponge, but I love it. The fresh strawberries in the centre look gorgeous (I’ve only ever eaten this with strawberry jam). I have had mixed success with sponge in the past but this looks pretty perfect… yay for easy-to-follow recipes from Jamie. I am a huge fan of his (and yours!) x

    • ah thank you 🙂 tell me about it – I’m team Jamie all the way! I’ve somehow managed to fall into teaching a couple of the kids I work with how to cook and he’s basically designed a cooking course with a qualification at the end – all the recipes are listed free on the website http://www.jamieshomecookingskills.com and they’re great (AND free! win!) If the kids (and I) can manage ’em anyone can 🙂 x

      • Oh, fantastic! Thanks so much for the link. A couple of my friends are teachers and I cook with my nieces and nephew occasionally, so I’ll definitely check out the website and spread the word! Yay for team Jamie. He’s awesome xx

  6. Sometimes things are a classic for a reason and you don’t mess with them because they are perfect just as they are ! I’m a big fan of Victoria Sponges and they make a wonderful afternoon treat with a cup of tea ! Enjoy. 🙂

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