homebaked strawberries and cream macaroons

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Homebaked Strawberries & Cream Macaroons

My dad is awesome.  He wears socks with sandals every day (literally.  all  year  round), loves dressing up as Santa at Christmas, tells jokes so rubbish they’re good, recycles everything, invents his own abbreviations for texting (which are usually completely undecipherable) and ‘assumes the position’ every Sunday after lunch (sleeps in the armchair).  There are a lot of other reasons he’s pretty cool but I think you get the picture!  Anyway; as today is Father’s Day I asked him if he wanted any edible treats – and he requested macaroons.  Which leads us nicely into the rest of this post!

I always use this recipe and it works perfectly every time (hooray!) but I wanted to try something slightly different; so I decided to add a little twist and change the flavours up a little.  I followed my homebaked macaroons recipe but added 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract to the macaroon mixture and didn’t use any food colouring.  I added 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and finely grated white chocolate to the filling.  I then separated it into 6 parts, using a different food colouring to dye each one.  When I sandwiched the macaroons together I added finely sliced strawberries to the middle.  To complete the rainbow aesthetic started with the different coloured fillings; I dyed white fondant the same 6 colours as the fillings and used a star cutter to make the little toppers, attaching them with a very small amount of edible glue.

Hopefully they’ll taste yummy – I’ll be taking them over in a few hours!  Happy Father’s Day Dadsy 😀

Photo 15-06-2013 18 03 00

big love



To see more of my homebaking click here or check out my instagram 🙂


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