homebaked Barbie Christening cake

Homebaked Barbie Christening cake

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Barbie christening cake covered in fondant and finished with sugarpaste detailing The bottom tier is vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream, the middle tier is marble sponge with chocolate fudge buttercream and the top tier is chocolate fudge sponge with chocolate fudge buttercream.

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homebaked Barbie cake



Homebaked Barbie cake

…So one of the girls turned up to school at 9am with a pink cakeboard and two packs of fondant icing announcing she needed to make a cake for a four year old’s birthday by 1.30pm when school finished. This is my second attempt at a Barbie cake (my first attempt is pictured at the end of this post); this is the homebaked chocolate cake with chocolate ganache we created…





  • 3 Layers of 8 inch homebaked chocolate sponge cakes, sandwiched together with chocolate ganache
  • 200-250g Vanilla buttercream icing
  • 10 inch cakeboard
  • Barbie torso (you can buy these in cake shops)
  • 8cm ribbon to style Barbie’s hair
  • Edible glue
  • 2.5g Pot of edible glitter (2 pots if you won’t be super-careful at making it last for the whole cake)
  • Handmade fondant icing bow (approx 10cm x 4cm)
  • 500g White fondant icing (plus 150g extra if you want to create a ‘train’)
  • 650g fondant icing for main dress (pale pink in the photo)
  • 250g fondant icing for the corset and top of dress (bright pink in the photo)
  • Ribbon or edible gems / flowers / sugarpaste roses to decorate


  1. Sandwich your three layers of sponge cake with the chocolate ganache
  2. Using a knife, shape your sponge tower to resemble a dome
  3. Cover in vanilla buttercream
  4. Using the white fondant icing, cover the cake entirely
  5. Create your fondant icing bow
  6. Create a ‘corset’ for the Barbie torso (it is easier to shape once on the torso and I remove the arms to make it easier)
  7. Create a ‘top layer’ of fondant icing for the dress of whatever design you wish
  8. Using the edible glue; cover the bow, corset and top layer for the dress in edible glitter
  9. Style the Barbie’s hair
  10. Roll out the icing for the base of the dress and cover the cake with it, making sure not to make the icing smooth all the way to the bottom – create folds to enhance the image of a dress.  Trim the icing at the bottom to resemble the shape of the dress hem you want
  11. Attach the top layer of the dress using a little buttercream or edible glue
  12. Insert the Barbie torso into the top middle of the cake
  13. Decorate where the torso meets the top of the dress as desired (ribbon, edible flowers etc)
  14. If desired create and attach a ‘train’ for the dress
  15. Using edible glue, attach the fondant bow
  16. Finish off with any decorations you choose


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homebaked Despicable Me minion birthday cake

Despicable Me is SUCH an awesome film and after spotting a couple of minion birthday cakes posted by Geraldine a few days ago, I couldn’t resist having a little go at creating one myself.  The friend who introduced me to the movie celebrates his birthday this week so it would’ve been rude not to! Below is the result; four layers of homebaked chocolate sponge layered with chocolate fudge icing, fresh raspberries and white chocolate chunks then covered in fondant icing.


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i love cake

Recently I’ve re-discovered my love of all things creative; kick-started by the fact that due to our lovely landlady giving us a new kitchen we now have an oven.  For the first time in 9 years I can bake at home and the best thing about it is that its such a great excuse to bless others – either for birthdays and celebrations or just as little something to make someone smile.  Below are a few of my attempts…









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