Living with boys

My housemates are awesome.

Over the past few years I have had the (sometimes debatable) pleasure of being the only girl in a houseful of guys. Below are a couple of observations on life with these wonderful human beings.

Firstly, though, a small disclaimer.  Don’t expect to find any insightful revelations into the male mind  (I’m afraid I don’t have any).  Embarrassing stories won’t feature either – that’s a whole other blog post and the boys have way too much ammunition on me!  Should you ever want to hear some of the out-takes, though,  I’m pretty easy to bribe.

Right; now that’s out of the way….

Life at number 5 – a few features

  • The great heating debate.  When the temperature of the house reaches a warmth enabling me to retain circulation in my fingers: cue complaints of mouths drier than the desert and a lot of walking around in shorts. The result being that I’m doing my bit for the economy by keeping hot water bottle manufacturers very much in business.
  • Film choices. Don’t bother trying to make a convincing argument unless you can use as many of the following terms as possible; respect, honour, glory, justice, epic battle, redemption. (Luckily, most of these descriptions can sum up dance films.  Unluckily, the boys are now wise to this.)
  • Deep and meaningfuls.  These conversations creep up on you when you least expect it.  Generally in the middle of a remark about something else.   “Tea?”   “Sure.  Oh yea, and (insert very short statement of life crisis here) just happened. Milk and 2 sugars please”.
  • ‘If in doubt; burn it’.  The mantra adopted by every male inhabitant of our household.  Be warned.
  •  Punctuality for important events.  When travelling by plane it is an unwritten rule that passports must not be located until all other packing is completed; a process which may only be started after the journey to the airport should have begun.  Also never rely on your housemates to arrive at a wedding on time (or to resist from playing ‘last man standing’ whenever the congregation is required to be seated.)
  • The ‘Feelings’ Face. The look adopted by men everywhere when they’ve heard enough about emotions.  This occurs after varying lengths of time depending on state of hunger, mood and interest level.
  • Creative use of everyday items.  Apparently, the washing up brush can be used to clean car oil off of the front step.  The challenge is to intercept whoever is wielding it before it reaches the sink and is returned to its previous use.
  •  Houseparties.  Great people, fancy dress, bonfires, dancing, Heineken heat and a nice cozy bed just upstairs. Brilliant.

big love,

gollygoshgirl xx



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